After reading the information below and selecting the cheer team you would like to be apart of visit the registration page.

Tumble Gems (Boys Only)

The Tumble Gems is a fun opportunity for boys 4 - 9 years old to learn tumbling from a trained tumbling coach. During practices they will learn tumbling as well as a power tumbling routine that they will perform at local competitions. 


The Tiny performance team ages 3 - 6 years old is the heart of our program. They are the athletes that are just excited to be in the gym with the big girls. We understand that competitive cheer can be a lot for our little people to take in. So we have created a team that will teach them the foundations of the sport at a slower rate that's more suitable for their age range. These practice's focus on having fun and working hard to ensure they can put on an amazing competition routine. 

Novice Teams

Novice teams are perfect for athletes ages 5 - 18 that want to take a step into the competitive cheer world! The great thing about novice teams is that it is designed to teach athletes the foundations of cheerleading. These practices are packed with tons of sass and laughter as they have a great time practicing and competing on the same floor as the prep and elite athletes. 

Prep Teams

Our all-star prep program is a great move for a intermediate athletes ages 6 - 18 . These are athletes that have some skills in all-star cheer but they are not ready either skill, financially, or have the time commitment to be on an elite team. Our prep teams are coached by elite coaches that make sure that even though they are prep their routine looks and the athlete progress' their skills like the elite athletes. Prep teams provides athletes an opportunity to participate in competitive cheerleading at an affordable price and with a lesser time commitment. 

Elite Teams

In the elite program these athletes ages 9 - 19 compete at the highest level. They will participate in competitive 1 and 2 day cheer competitions. Our elite teams will compete both locally and nationally and have earn a bids to the All-Star Worlds for the past 3 years. These athletes will practice twice a week and when closer to bigger competition there will be additional practices.